Kate Middleton’s Nude Pumps Made It Easy For Us All To Be Princesses

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Pick Prince George’s Godparents

According to the Mirror on Oct 14, reports that that Princes Georges nursery is in a section that has documented ghost sightings. A lot of strange happenings have occurred in Kensington Palace over the hundreds of years of royal heritage. Some of these incidents you will never hear about, but there are others that are well documented through the ancestors of Williams blood line. The palace was built in the 17th century and there have been documented deaths inside the walls of Kensington. Ghosts of servants who spent their lives making sure that every need and whim of the royals were met are also thought to rattle around the grounds. A ghost of a man in white is frequently seen wandering the grounds of Kensington, many believe he is a servant from another era. Deaths in Kensington Palace include that of Princes Sophia, who lived a very lonely life and never married. She is one of many that are thought to haunt Kensington. Queen Mary, who died of smallpox, is also thought to haunt the palace. A more recent story in modern times about a burial at Kensington Palace is the story that Princess Diana helped a friend bury a stillborn baby in the gardens of Kensington. This story was told by Paul Burrell in a book that he wrote about Diana, The Way We Were. He claims he was there the day Dianas friend Rosa Monckton buried her stillborn baby in Kensington garden and Burrell claims he dug the grave with Dianas help. It was a sad day and Diana had streams of tears rolling down her face. She did this for a friend, so her friend could have a place of solace to bury her baby.

Cressida Bonas, Kate Middleton Friction: Is it Because Kate is Friends with Chelsy Davy?

Prince William and Kate Middleton go at it again by picking people without blood ties to royal families as godparents of their precious Prince George. On October 23, the much-awaited christening of Prince George will take place in the Chapel Royal of the St. James Palace, with 60 guests that include close friends of the royal couple. With this in mind, Kate and William have already selected the Prince’s godparents, and they’re not who the public, and even the monarchy, expected. William picked Fergus Boyd, a close friend from school who resided in the same hall with Kate and the Prince. Boyd took up History of Art with the Duchess, and together with William, shared a flat during their sophomore year in University of St. Andrews. Nearing graduation, Fergus, Kate, and William rented a farmhouse that further bonded their friendship. Kate’s pick is Emilia d’Erlanger, a college friend as well. Emilia founded D’Erlanger and Sloan, a London-based interior design company. Emilia and Kate are very close, with Emilia marrying one of William’s friends, David Jardine- Paterson. One of William’s best friends, Hugh van Cutsem, has been close to the royal family since William and Harry were little. Because of this, William had no qualms in naming van Cutsem as one of his son’s godparents.

Kate Middleton’s haunted home: Kensington’s secret baby grave, royal deaths

In our new series, we’re paying homage to the signature items that have turned our favorite stars into style icons. The icon: The Duchess of Cambridge The item: Nude pumps Why we love it: When Kate Middleton stepped onto the scene as the newly-named Duchess of Cambridge, she did so in sensible beige heels by L.K. Bennett… again and again and again . She wore the shoes so much, in fact, that we often thought they were the only heels in her closet. Lucky for us, the pumps retail to the masses for around $300 , a symbol of Kate’s every-woman appeal. It’s never been so easy to dress like a princess. How Kate got to be the fashionista she is: Loading Slideshow Back row, third from left. Undated (St. Andrew’s School,1986-1995)

kate middleton nude pumps

By Sigrid Salucop | October 17, 2013 2:56 PM EST CREDIT: Facebook /Royal Gossip Despite dating Prince Harry since 2012, Cressida Bonas is yet to meet her boyfriend’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton leading fans of the royals to believe it’s because of Chelsy Davy. The Zimbabwe -born Davy and the Duchess of Cambridge have had time to bond when the two were still royal girlfriends, insiders say but by 2009, the Daily Mail wrote that Davy and Middleton are no longer friends. A friend of Kate and Chelsy told the Daily Mail that, “When they last saw each other Kate told Chelsy not to make such a fuss about Harry being away.” The now Duchess of Cambridge also reportedly told Davy to “ignore rumours he [Harry] was playing around.” The friend reveals, “Kate’s thoughts were that it comes with the territory.”Chelsy Davy was invited to Kate Middleton ‘s big day as Prince Harry’s plus one. Although there is a rumoured rift between Chelsy and Kate, rumours that Kate Middleton prefers Chelsy Davy over Cressida Bonas are still making the rounds. The real reason for the “friction” according to “Kate: The Future Queen” writer Katie Nicholl is because of Cressida Bonas’ half-sister Isabella Calthorpe. Calthorpe, an actress and one of the daughters of Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, was reportedly pursued by Prince William in 2007 during his brief break up with Kate Middleton. Nicholl added that the prince had strong feelings for Calthorpe back in 2004 when the Duchess of Cambridge was already in the picture. According to EntertainmentWise , Kate Middleton was allegedly so intimidated by the aristocrat Isabella Calthorpe that “she banned the prince from seeing her again.” Cressida Bonas is very close to her sister Bella, sources say. EntertainmentWise also notes that if indeed a wedding is in the works, Cressida Bonas’s sister Bella will likely be the matron of honour. The magazine reveals that the scenario will be the Duchess’ “worst nightmare”. Many of Kate Middleton’s fans are also not fond of Cressida Bonas. One fan says Prince Harry should choose Chelsy Davy over Cressida Bonas because “she was here from the beginning.” To contact the editor, e-mail: Most Popular Slideshows

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