Dead Rising Demo reports


Below you can read various demo reports of Dead Rising before it was officially released. Read how the hands-on demos stacked up before the official product was released in stores and catch to see if any improvements were made, or what we noticed was wrong and wasn’t corrected.

Managing to get the NPC through significant zombie traffic was more of an issue than anything else. For some reason the woman thought it’d be a good idea to start fighting zombies herself. A bad idea, since she didn’t have a bat, buzz saw, or a hockey stick like Frank. We were able to hand over some orange juice when her health got low, ensuring she’d make it across the crowded mall plaza. Other than that we were just running around slamming the Y button to get her to follow. Eventually she did, but she seemed to get confused a number of times.
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All weapons in the game had a limited use, including the bat and the less effective lead pipe. We were also able to use a pistol which could be fired from the standard third person view or switched to a first person aiming system which was ideal for splattering brains. Yes heads do explode in this game in quite a loud, gooey fashion. Once we got to Rachel she told us we had to get her out of there. By pressing Y we were able to issue move orders to her. This way, we could clear out a group of zombies ahead of us and call her when ready without having to worry about her getting injured.
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We started off in a security room at the mall and decided to follow a yellow arrow to what we believe is a pharmacy on the other side of the map. That means we had to run through the mall, a courtyard, another part of the mall, and whatever else we would have had to run through if the game did not crash. Yes, it crashed a few times, but it’s still way too early for Dead Rising. Yet, we couldn’t help but relish the time we spent eliminating the zombie hoards.
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